Enclosure for a USBASP programmer.

A labeled enclosure for a USB AVR programmer clone:

I have used this USB ASP AVR programmer

from eBay for some time, and it works great.

There are some things I didn’t like about it though.  It came with a USB A connector, no enclosure. The fact that I had to check the pin out of the connector every time bothered me as well.

Here is what I did to fix those:

Remove the USB A connector and solder a USB cable directly to the PCB. Added a cable strain releafe, hot glued to the cable. Then install the PCB in a plastic box with some openings drilled and filed where needed and hot glue the PCB in place.

Last step was to make a label for the encosure.

Print it on regular paper, add some double-sided sticky tape on the bottom side, then some clear tape on the top to protect the paper and finally stick it on top of the enclosure.

All done.

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