Embedded projects.

Update the USBASP firmware.

This is not a tutorial on how to do the update. Here I just want to point out that if you want to use an Arduino uno to do the update, you need to disable it’s auto reset, either by using a capacitor, or by cutting the “RESET EN” jumper.
I had been using the USBASP AVR programmer for some time when it stopped working.
After banging against the wall for a while and searching online, I got it working again.
There was some head banging because it just started giving me the sync error with the same version of AvrDude with which it worked before. It couldn’t connect to the target, I replaced the chip thinking that it got damaged since I hadn’t worked on this project for a couple of months and it was sitting around.
No luck.
Then asked the internet. Everything was pointing at the need to update the programmer’s firmware and it looked pretty straight forward. I took the path of using an Arduino Uno as an ISP. There are many tutorials around the net. And it didn’t work 😦 I looked at this one this one and it was fine but there was something missing. The Arduino was prepared all connected but I couldn’t program the USBASP. After some more reading, some articles were suggesting to add a capacitor between the arduino’s Reset and GND to disable auto reset. This didn’t work for me, so next I tried to cut the solder jumper on the board labeled “RESET EN”. SUCCESS, it worked and now I have a working USBASP programmer again.

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