TV cabinet cable management.

Next to the TV is where the IPTV receiver and the Raspberry Pi LibreElec KODI player stay. Combined with the HDMI switch and the Arduino IR to USB remote controller, which I have described in my previous post , this makes 4 boxes and a big mess of cables.

Problem: Pretty ugly sight:

Messy cables

Solution: Make a holder for all the devices and cables and attached to the back of the TV.

I used a 4mm thick sheet of acrylic which I had left over from my 3D printer enclosure build. I thought about strapping everything with cable ties to that sheet of acrylic, but then it would be difficult to remove a device if needed. To solve that I 3D printed some brackets in ABS and bolted them to the sheet material, which I had already bent using hot air to form a [elf for the cables. The brackets are designed in such a way that when the cables are unplugged all the boxes just slide out.

Add some cable ties and and it all gets really tidy and accessible:

The back
A close up of the back

And the front. Only the small IR receiver for the Arduino is visible from the front:

The front

Now there are only one remote for the whole TV, media player setup and one for the stereo on the lower shelf. Much better the the four remotes we had to juggle before. And all the cable mess is gone 🙂

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